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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  October 18, 2014 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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>> matt: the ucla team, same thing as the cal team. and you're sitting there in the middle of the game and you're in thev physical and make it personal and doing all these things and something happens and you sit there and go that could be me. then you just have a little bit of an understanding of all the things that go into this game. >> bob: well, you can see he's talking to the trainers. from the start he was moving his extremities. now the reaction from the crowd as he gets loaded on to the cart. cart. and that's what you want to sees
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>> bob: as trevor davis is taken off the field. quint you were down on the sideline for cal during that entire episode when their team came out on the field. >> quint: very quiet. a lot of guys prayering. but when he put that thumbs up
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there was a certain energy that i think kind of revisited the sideline. and the fans as well, i don't know if the folks at home, bob, but you got a sense for the reaction that that thumbs up got. i think for the cal team now down, that provides a lot of energy. he'll be taken to highland hospital in oakland for evaluation. >> bob: that was what all of the crowd here at memorial stadium was waiting to see. trevor davis with the thumbs up. so now we get back to football somehow with 3:30 to go. a quick toss. lasco. just to the edge. about a 12-yard gain. we take a look at our game summary. for those who just joined us. three touchdowns. they failed earlier on a two point conversion or this game
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might be paid. perkins has gone out with a wrist injury for ucla. a snap. that's knocked away by jack. second down and ten. coming up very soon on espn. the sec pack 12 doubleheader. only moments away. college football prime time presented by hampton hotels. and 10:30 back to the pack 12 we go. stanford/arizona state. both games live tonight on both games live tonight on watchespn. treggs close to the first down. steps out about two yards shy. it will be third down and two. >> matt: it's a big down right here. big down for ucla. big down for cal. >> bob: this might be four down
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territory for cal. >> matt: yes. >> bob: they only have one time-out left. so they can't afford to punt if they come up short. if they have three time-outs you might be able to punt. lasco to midfield. that's a gain of seven. >> matt: all game long the ucla bruin defense you were able to dominate the line of scrimmage. tz it matters now. in this last 2:30 who is going to win upfront? that's going to be the difference in this game. >> bob: midfield. muhammad, about four. and that will bring us most likely under 2:00 to go. ucla has a couple of time-outs left. if cal gets into field goal
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range the bruins might have to use their time-outs. james langford is career long this season at 47. he needs to get to about the 30 yard line or so. >> matt: need about 15 more yards. >> bob: a sack. the ball pops out. >> matt: incomplete pass. >> bob: brings up third down and six. >> matt: this is what we were talking about. you had to show up now. and they did. they brought pressure and then forced this third down. >> bob: cal has two downs to pick up six yards. still under pressure. incomplete. now it's fourth down and six. >> matt: great coverage all the way around. nowhere to go with that ball.
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it's going to set up this fourth down. now goff needs to help himself. that was a three-man rush. needs to help himself by staying in the pocket and not moving. by moving he created undo pressure. >> bob: only one time-out for cal. so they have to pick up the first down or this game is over. fourth down and six. ucla rushes through again. underneath. right at the line. chris harper moves the chains chris harper moves the chains and he's hurt. jalil came up and boy did he hit chris harper but not before harper snuck it across the 40 yard line for the fourth down conversion. >> matt: nice effort by harper. he sneaks underneath. kind of out of control but enough control to be able to
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throw himself forward and get the first. >> bob: that's another scary hit for the cal sideline to look at as only moments ago we watched trevor davis taken off on the cart. and now it's chris harper who is injured and it looks like they're trying to stabilizelz6e neck as well and quint you're down there. >> quint: i had a good angle of this. this is vicious right here. this is -- sonny dykes is all over the officials asking them why isn't that targeting? it looked like a defenseless player with his back turned and helmet to neck contact. very, very violent hit on the far side. let's hope this student athlete is okay. >> bob: it's certainly a bad with hit.
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what is jalil supposed to do? where is he supposed to hit harper as harper goes down? not to mention the fact that you're just looking at a map from a football standpoint. that's the game. he is right at the line to make for the first down. i'm not sure what jalil wadu was supposed to do other than what he did. >> matt: i agree with you. and harper has played himself a heck of a game here tonight. >> bob: trevor davis had a terrific game as well. these are two very important players that both have been injured in the closing moments for cal. it's good to see that harper is at least sitting up. >> matt: the offensive >> matt: the offensive coordinator there with them.
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>> bob: chris harper helped off. aerial coverage brought to you by direct tv. if you call yourself a sports fan, you got to get direct tv. >> matt: chris harper has a touchdown. five passes today. the touchdown was big. but that may have been the biggest one of the day. >> bob: after the fourth down conversion and the injury. cal, only about nine yards away. and now on the lasco run up the middle. there are about five, maybe six yards away from what would be the back end of field goal range for james langford. the senior from pleasanton, california. his career long came from earlier this season from 47 yards. >> matt: they'll keep it on the ground here.
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outrun blitz this. >> bob: makes it a -- it's not intercepted. inside the five yard line! it is? ucla is going to win the game on the take-away. marc marcos rios comes up with the interception. >> matt: see, if he has control before he goes out of bounds. there is no control. no control. whoa. i don't know about this one. >> bob: very, very close. at what point did he have control of the football in relation to when his right foot hits the sideline? >> matt: there's no control. still no control. that's really close. i don't know if they're going to be able to overturn that. >> referee: th
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under review. ruling on the field is an interception by the defense. >> matt: if the ball is still moving, it will be an incompletion in their judgment. i would say that's going to stand. >> bob: daniel lasco was hurt on that play as well. so the star tailback is being taken off the field for cal. we talked to the replay officials before every game. i spoke to them today and we were talking about plays just like this one where you have a very clear shot of a play but there's still some gray area. and they said and been told, the replay officials by all of the leagues in the ncaa, the call stands on the field is your friend. >> matt: yeah. >> bob: that if there's any gray area, unless it is 100% certain that the call on the field was wrong, you're supposed to let the call on the field stand. and the call on the field was an interception.
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>> matt: it appears to me that he started to control the ball when his foot went out of bounds. >> bob: while they review, it certainly brings a second guess into play. how about the play call taking a shot deep when you need a field goal to win the game. >> matt: to me, that's run the football. get the three hard yards and take your shot -- i mean, your kick. you needed, what, six yards to pick it up. that's why i would have run blitzed that. he had a one on one on the outside. he took it. >> bob: here's the game on the video review. we have no microphone. >> matt: it's an interception. ball be placed at the one yard after review.
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it's confirmed. >> bob: so matt plays lip reader. >> matt: i used to work for the cia. >> bob: so the crowd can't hear what the review is. we're telling the tv audience because we can read lips. on the film has been if confirmed. the ball placed at the one yard line. they can't simply take a knee. ucla, the ball is at the one yard line. may have to sneak it forward with brett hundley. >> matt: that's the right call. a good call. that was a good call by the officials. i don't like the call of tony franklin taking the shot on the outside. >> bob: what a way for this game to possibly end. does hundley have enough room to take a knee? he'll have to quarterback sneak it forward and cal calls their final time-out.
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it should now be enough to give hundley just a little bit of breathing room to take a knee. the last thing i'm sure he want -- that jim wants to see happen is for his quarterback to have to move forward, maybe expose the football. >> matt: a couple of things that happened at today's game. number one, ucla's offense and defensive lines stepped up. i think that's the difference in the game today. hundley had himself a nice game just in terms of keeping the ball moving forward. he didn't really take any shots. but they turned the ball over way too many times. that recipe will not bode well for them down the line. >> bob: if you want to look at probably the classic example of a quarterback spending all day taking what the defense gives him, that was hundley today. >> matt: that's a smart thing to do. he didn't have to take any chances. they gave him the underneath and he took it. you know, he's over 300 yards and ran for about 100. i mean, you can't argue with
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that. they're going to come away with a win. >> bob: he has to take a knee two more times in order to end the game. if you take a knee on second down, then you back up to the one yard line again and put yourself back in the same spot. the coach told them get the ball away from the goal line and he did. right now there's a slight differential of about four seconds. so one last knee or quarterback sneak necessary. and there's the room that hundley needed to end the game. ucla will survive and win it 36-34 and it's the first win for ucla since 199. they had a seven game losing streak at cal and it's broken streak at cal and it's broken today.
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so we'll see if jim has his ucla bruins not only bre'j d a game losing streak but maybe it resurrects their season a little bit. it was a must-win for u.cla. the bruins over the bears 36-34. coming up at 8:00 eastern, saturday night football on abc. number five, notre dame. number two, florida state. so long from berkeley.
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a broader mix of energies, world needs to move, to keep warm, to make clay piggies. that's why we are supplying natural gas, to generate cleaner electricity, that has around 50% fewer co2 emissions than coal. let's broaden the world's energy mix, let's go. now on abc 7, bears versus the bruins. a look at the fan frenzy. and preparing for the worst. a new twist on major disaster drills. also a rare look inside
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nasa. and today's openhouse may have been too popular. abc 7 news starts now. the bears battered and bruised in a hard hitting game at memorial stadium as ucla squeaks out a win. we have highlights and we'll hear from cal fans. a nail biter this afternoon just wrapped up. now the highlights. my dad always says this is the one day he wins no matter what. >> this week cal bears were a little worn down after three emotional games in a row. after a good week of practice, they were ready to face the biggest home game of the season. bruins have not won here since 1998. fans were hyped today. bruins scored the only points in the first.
4:21 pm
hundley to bergen. 7-0 ybruins. and then bears marched to the end zone. game tied at 7. cal now down 3. to harper, amazing one handed grab. cal back on top. 24 seconds left in the half. time running out in the third. hundley takes it in to his own hands. keeps it on the read option. ucla goes up 33-2. but he will find lawler and after a missed two point conversion, bears have a 34-33 lead. 3:44 left. ucla drives in field goal range. ucl achla grabs the lead. for lawler, going for it all, and the interception would do it for the bears.
4:22 pm
u ucla two game losing streak steal it in. 36-34. we'll go live to the stadium coming up later. and college game day in berkeley brought in a flood of blue and gold. you thousan thousands of fans filled memorial stadium. tiffany wilson joins us live with their reaction. >> reporter: this is the best place to watch the game and today bruins and bears fans, they had a lot of ups and downs. and that last interception, a lot of the bears fans just emptied out. they couldn't even watch the final seconds. a clash of northern and southern california today, pitting bear against breuin.
4:23 pm
>> they're the baby bears and we're the original bears he. >> reporter: before the game, they stored up energy for the battle ahead. >> we have some korean barbecue chicken. >> reporter: these fans have been tailgating together for 32 seasons. and they don't mess around. >> good friends, good food and good football. that's what we all say. >> reporter: a vehicle decked out in blue and gold, license plate spanish for bear. >> on game day, everything revolves around the football game. >> reporter: and they model their team's appreciation. >> go bears. >> reporter: bruins fans also swarmed downtown berkeley. >> especially the giants and dodgers, it will always be a big game. >> reporter: many students still tired from the road trip. >> going to be worth it. >> kind of one of those things that you have to do. a lot of people coming out and
4:24 pm
we're really excited. >> reporter: after double checking tickets, everyone entered the stadium hoping for a win. win. >> go bears! >> reporter: so again very disappointing finish for the bears. this is the first time ucla has won here in berkeley since 1998. tiffany wilson, abc 7. the san francisco fire department conducted a full day drill to better prepare for the next big disaster. more than 250 volunteers in the neighborhood emergency response team signed up for today's drill at fort mason. they practiced search and rescue techniques, triaging, setting up command centers and other disaster response skills p. >> i think it's important for all of us to participate and
4:25 pm
play a role if something terrible were to happen here. we all live here and raise our families here. and i think it's important to be a part of it. >> the volunteers added social media to their information sharing tools for the first time today. they used twitter to report critical issues and deploy resources. the turnout for the first openhouse at nasa's ames research center was so overwhelming, traffic was backed up for miles. it is the first time in 17 years that the research campus opened its doors to the public. 120,000 people bought tickets to attend the department of event celebrating the facility's 75th anniversary. they got an up close look at advanced technology. but many said they spent so many hours sitting in long line, they didn't get to see as much as they had hoped. ahead, 4200 tons of san
4:26 pm
francisco history on its way out. up next, defenthe effort to get of what some considered an eye sore. and it's bright and blue out there across the bay area as we start off the the weekend, but i'm tracking some rain in the forecast. forecast. i'll show you when. ring ring! progresso! i can't believe i'm eating bacon and rich creamy cheese before my sister's wedding well it's only 100 calories, so you'll be ready for that dress uh-huh... you don't love the dress? i love my sister... 40 flavors. 100 calories or less. some people think vegetables are boring. but with green giant's delicious seasonings and blends, we just may change their minds. ho ho ho green giant!
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port of san francisco has sold its dry dock number one to a dutch company for $1.
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it will be sent to china for scrap with an estimated value of $800,000. but the port authority is paying $3 million to transport the dry dock to china. it was used to float and repair ships below the water line. the dry dock was decommissioned 15 years ago. it broke away its homooring in 2002 and this morning a body surfaced as the dry dock was being towed out. crews searched for hours, but have not recovered the body. giants world series go excitement building. here is a group of excited fans at st. peter and paul school. they are are's ready for another world series win. and a little fan all decked out head to toe in her giants colors. she already has her seat for tuesday night's game one in kansas city. we'd like it's your fan toledos. you can e-mail them to u report or tweet them to us at abc 7
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news bay area. drew, i say too hot in the city, but my internal temperature is off. >> it was warm. we got into the 70s. that's kind of warm, right? back in 60s in the city. coming up dry and empty handed. the reason why, showing you blue as far as the eye can see. a very quiet either tranquil picture this afternoon. we were in the 70s in san francisco last hour. falling to the 60s, 69 degrees right now. oakland at 74. san carlos 77. san jose comfortable at 76. half moon bay coming in at 66. and a live look from tower cam facing north, a few high clouds well into the north bay, but otherwise soaked in sunshine across san francisco. warmest spots, fairfield 80. elsewhere santa rosa, concord, the mid and upper 70s. the satellite and radar, we're
4:31 pm
tracking high pressure anchored off the coast. that high pressure is sinking air, squashing much of the cloud cover. so we have a lot of sunshine for our saturday. we're tracking an area of low pressure. it will bring us first clouds tomorrow and then a chance of rain early into monday. so to take the forecast into the future, you'll see clear skies generally this evening, but watch as the clouds fill back in. we'll get and on shore flow. the bay, coast and even our sheltered inland valleys will see clouds, perhaps drizzle overnight. but the clouds will pull back on sunday. much of the bay area will see sunshine. the only exception right along the coast. we will linger in the clouds and stay in the 60s. so overnight low, mainly fefts wi 50s with the clouds arriving. and then highs for sunday, coastal clouds keeping the 60s right there. 78 tear field, sunshine in most of our spots. tomorrow morning, the women's nike half marathon, good running weather.
4:32 pm
lots of clouds, cool temperatures. starting off at about 60. by 9:00, right around 62. we'll take you into sunday night early monday. here comes the cold front bringing showers first into the authority bay and then spreading south by 10:00 a.m.. lingering perhaps into monday afternoon. late monday, could see a quarter inch of rain. so it's bright for most of the region tomorrow afternoon and then monday clouds and showers. a look at that, our eyes go to friday and saturday for games three and four. looking good. sunshine and warm temperatures. upper 60s to lower 70s. >> nothing more beautiful than at&t park when the sun is shining. thank you, drew. an exciting day for college football, as well. maybe not for local fans. p. >> or one of your sisters. cal bears pulled it over the bruins. and giants final tuneup at home before they face the royals. we have a preview next.
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, me too... we're practically twins! giants and royals will square off tuesday night in game one of the 2014 world series. this is the giants third appearance in the past three years. kc first time since 1985 when they won it all. this is a team that knows how to win in the postseason. many thought they had no chance of getting back beating the pirates in the wild card, nationals in the division series and cardinals in the nlcs.
4:36 pm
bumgarner will face shields. >> they're playing passionate baseball. that is the beauty of baseball at this time. it's two teams that have gone through a lot to get here and the wild card brothers. pretty special to see what they have done and to be a part of what we've done. so it's exciting. >> game one tuesday, game two is wednesday. the teams then travel to san francisco for game three next friday, game four on saturday. first pech for all games 5:07 p.m.. we'll take a brief time-out before we check back in on the cal bears who had a great battle with the bruins. came down to this final play. to the victor goes the spoils.
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cal hosting ucla. bears coming off a huge loss to washington that knocked him off the top perch. beautiful day at memorial stadium. ucla has not won since 1998. bruins scored the only points in the first. hundley drops it off to bergren. 7-0. and this one handed grab. cal back on top. 24 seconds left in the half. the short pass. he will break down the sideline. 49 yards for the touchdown. and in the fourth, he finds lawler. after a missed two point conversion. 3:44 left.
4:40 pm
ucla with the field gone goal and grab the lead. lawler and rios with an unbelievable interception. that would do it for the bears. they steal one in berkeley 36-34 they steal one in berkeley 36-34 the final. time running out in the first, 7-0. and in the fourth, right up the gut. 48 yard touchdown. game tied at 217. 20 seconds left. for the win. off the post. we're thin overtime tied at 20. west virginia and baylor bears. in the second, off his back foot. he's off to the races.
4:41 pm
63 yard touchdown. ran about 90 to get there, though. 20-14. now tied at 27 in the fourth. great throw, better catch. west virginia up 34-27. and then the dagger on the slant. see ya. 39 yards. west virginia knocks baylor from the unbeaten ranks with a 41-27 victory. we'll go live to memorial stadium for reaction. stick around. cruise ship concerns and the effort to contain the pebola virus in the u.s.. and another group of people under watch. also video voyeurism. how a young woman made a how a young woman made a disturbing discove
4:42 pm
4:43 pm
4:44 pm
developing news now. president obama is urging americans to stay calm tonight as government investigators are on alert for more cases of ebola. meanwhile he says the cdc's new rapid response teams are ready to help hospitals anywhere ebola is detected. and today, the first ebola fatality in the u.s. was remembered. abc news reporter marci gonzalez has an update. >> reporter: today family members mourning thomas eric duncan. a memorial service held this morning in north carolina for the liberian man who died of ebola last week. the two nurses who treated him still battling the virus in specialized isolation units. >> she's making progress. we are pleased with her progress. but her condition is fair and
4:45 pm
stable. >> reporter: 75 other health care workers involved in duncan's treatment still being monitored now told to avoid public places and public transportation. before that notice was issued and before vinson was diagnosed, she flew from dallas to cleveland and back with the cdc now saying she may have already started feeling sick at the time. we've learned more than 100 people in ohio, including other passengers and vinson's family, now being monitored as a precaution. >> we look at the most involved and detailed tracking of individuals that had direct blood and body fluid contact. >> reporter: meanwhile another dallas health care worker, a lab supervisor, is now in quarantine on a cruise ship even though she's showing no symptoms, the carnival magic with more than 3600 people on board is now heading back to texas. >> to have a ship stopped for
4:46 pm
someone who has virtually no risk of traps mitting this disease, it is an overreaction. >> reporter: highlighting that this virus is not easily transmitted, the four people who had the closest contact with duncan before he was hospitalized still haven't gotten sick and their quarantine will be lifted tomorrow might. marci gonzalez, abc new, dallas. there are daily developments on the ebola crisis.nmight. marci gonzalez, abc new, dallas. there are daily developments on the ebola crisis.ight. marci gonzalez, abc new, dallas. there are daily developments on the ebola crisis. you can get updates with our app. free to load down on the apstore or google play. in a rare saturday decision, the supreme court is allowing texas to use its shers shal new voter identification law in the november election. the nation's highest court rejected an emergency request from the justice department and civil rights groups to prohibit the requirement. the seven forms of approved i.d. now needed to vote in texas include concealed handgun licenses but not college student
4:47 pm
i.d.s. the judge ruled voters could be turned away at the polls because they lack acceptable identification. they say the law is designed to proegt the integrity of the election. a disturbing discovery in a florida home. the 23-year-old was changing the input on her living room television when a computer screen popped up with a live feed of her bedroom. tiny pin hole video cameras had been plapnted in a smoke detector. the homeowner is behind the elaborate video network. >> he had to know he was doing something wrong because when he was confronted with this, he fled from the house that he lived in and went to stay with his parents. >> perez works for a tech company which may explain his knowledge of video networks. he's now in jail charged with 15 counts of video voyeurism.
4:48 pm
up next, a golf prodigy whose young age isn't his biggest challenge. >> keep it straight down the middle. >> see how he's inspiring others to get into the game and let to get into the game and let nothing stand in their way.
4:49 pm
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whoa! yeah i was testing to see if we really can turn any device in your house into a tv and the tablet worked just fine but i wanted to see if the phone will work as well. so i shrunk sharon. every channel's live just like on tv but it's my phone. it's genius. shh! i'm watching tv. tiny sharon is mean. i'm right here. watch any channel live on any device around your home. the x1 entertainment operating system only from xfinity. this week more than 60 golfers with disabilities teed off in a long drive championship in nevada. they set an important example for a 3-year-old budding golfer who has quite a swing.
4:51 pm
our report from mesquite, nevada. >> reporter: meet nemo. well, the 3-year-old's name is tom tommy. i'll let him explain. >> what do you call your short arm? >> nemo. >> reporter: in just 18 months, he picked up the game of golf. >> what do you put in bed with you? >> reporte >> golf club. >> reporter: no teddy bears here. he has a monster swing. >> keep it straight. >> reporter: mom documenting it all. the long drive competition is full of stories like tommy's. all are welcome. those with disabilities, prosthetics and the blind all vying for a chance at the longest drive. anthony cannot walk, but he helped design a wheelchair that lets him get up and play. >> it's all about learn to go
4:52 pm
car gary the game. >> reporter: every athlete here an inspiration to others and probably better fogolfers, too. andre helped organize the event. >> in a board that we're so consumed sometimes with messages that seem to be hopeless, this is an essential message of hope. >> we try again. >> reporter: a message tommy has already learned. already learned. >> one, two, three! >> got to hit a warm-up. >> reporter: on the next drive, it's time to strut his stuff. >> one, two, three! >> he doesn't know the difference of being out on the golf course and cameras being on him. he's just a little boy that likes to play golf.
4:53 pm
>> reporter: a boy playing golf who we can all learn something from. >> very cute. tommy's father said he had reservations about his young son being in the spotlight, but now realizes tommy's story being told is inspiring millions worldwide. let's get a check of the forecast now with drew. >> it's nice if you want to go gfl i golfing. but first an update on hurricane ana. still a category 1 storm. winds 80 miles an hour. still gusting to as high as 100. moving to the northwest at about 12 miles per hour. so it is bringing rain right now to the capital of honolulu and it will continue to do that throughout the evening hours. by 10:00 local time, still a category 1 storm. still bringing showers to the island nation. but the good news, it will stay south of the island chain and weaken to a tropical storm late tomorrow and then push out to sea. so they're through the worst of
4:54 pm
it. they just have residual showers to get through. back here, we'll see clouds thicken overnight, perhaps some drizzle right along the coast. you do see 50s widespread overnight tonight. and then highs for tomorrow, we will see clouds move away especially in the inland locations. along the coast, we still see clouds clinging there. 73 in oakland, 74 free month, 77 san jose. san francisco a high of 69. accuweather 7 day forecast, we have showers on the way for monday. could end up getting a healthy quarter of an inch once the system is out. and then temperatures start to rise and by friday and saturday, back into the 80s in inland locations. >> we can't get like a pattern going. >> yeah, up and down. >> thank you, drew. over to sports now. >> cal hosting ucla. cal got beat by washington last
4:55 pm
week. let's go to the fourth quarter. after an interception, they take advantage. ucla make it 36-34. last chance for cal. went for it all. but intercepted. and ucla wins for the first time since 1998 in berkeley. 36-34 the final. let's go out to berkeley where rick is live. i thought many they should have gone for the field goal but they came up just short. >> reporter: everybody was wondering what was the reasoning behind that call. yeah, cal appeared to be in position to kick the ghaame winning field goal, but instead his pass ended up being intercepted. >> obviously a very tough loss. you can describe how the team is handling this loss? >> yeah, right now just disappointed. had a good chance to win. and through to the other team.
4:56 pm
>> reporter: i guess everybody is wondering, why not just play it safe and kick the field goal. >> it was the same plan we ran earlier in the game and i threw a touchdown. >> was that the call from the sidelines? >> no. it was my decision. >> and you thought the happen w man was each? >> yeah, but didn't throw it where it was supposed to be. >> reporter: so he made the call, took the gamble and lost. as a result, bears lose 36-34. back to you. we'll have a lot more from rick coming up on after the game. and of course florida state taking on notre dame, a battle of unbeatens down in tallahassee. should be a good one. and then after the game, we break down today's college football action. a couple of big upsets. hopefully not in tallahassee being a florida state grad.
4:57 pm
>> we all have allegiances. >> penn state, cal poly, a little bit of everything. but should be a good one. heart breaking loss for cal. >> could you he >> you could hear it thin his voice. that will do it for abc 7 news. thanks so much for joining us. more college football next.
4:58 pm
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